Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Happy Summer Crafters

Oh dear, I have certainly been a little negligent in keeping up this blog ..... it has been a busy summer along with lots of appointments and functions to go to  ...... I know, there just isn't really any excuse is there?
Well, lets hope I can make up for lost time and add a few cards for you all to have a look at.  The most of the cards will be CUP (Crafts-U-Print) cards and I will mention if it is not.  Hope you are all having a great day, and enjoy browsing.
The first two cards are Christmas Cards and were both designed by Carol Clarke from the CUP Site.  The letters in "Christmas" & little graphics are decoupaged.  All you need is to choose your base CS, cut out the decoupage and add embellisments.  I added sparkle on the holly leaves and red gems for the berries.  These are very simple, colourful and pretty - have a look at Carol's creations.

 The next two cards are designed by Sheila Rodgers on the CUP Site.  They are made very similar to the Christmas Cards above.  I made my own backgrounds (Cuttlebug dotted swiss top card) and the bottom card, I took 3 colours out of the sentiment HB and made a background.  I chose my base CS for each card and proceeded to cut out the decoupage sentiments & graphics.  I did add a prima flower on each card, some pearls on the top one and pink gems on the bottom one.

The next three cards were designed by Eva Cano on the CUP Site.  Again, I made my own backgrounds behind the graphic, before adding my chosen colours of base CS.  The baby one is decoupaged and I added a little bow on the teddy bear, plus two blue gems in top corners.
I absolutely love the next card - Eva will make any name you want so if you would like cards like this, go to Eva's page and browse around.  I added 3 red gems on the dog's collar & also made this background by taking a little snippet of the plaid out of the "A" in Max.
The third card (dog on whimsical background) were both designed by Eva as well, in fact, I asked her to design me a whimsical background to put her dog "Patch" on.  What a combination - love it!   I made a yellow dotted swiss background on my Cuttlebug and finished with a thin line showing of blue base CS.  Patch has 3 gems on his colour here, as well......and Patch is 3d'd too - he's so cute in the real.  The sentiment "Hello" was cut on my Cuttlebug.

The next card is so cute made up and yes, it is all decoupaged.  This little wedding card was designed by Ceredwyn Macrae on the CUP Site ...... don't you just love these whimsical characters?  I added a frame (very thin) of the purple colour under the main graphic before putting on a base of white CS.  For embellies, I added a matching pearl in each corner and glittered some of the flowers and ribbon above the bell.

The next two cards are made by Carol Clarke (who made the above Christmas cards).  The first one is a birthday card for my sister, the white part with flowers on either end is decoupaged and for an embellie, I added a co-ordinating pearl over the "i" in Sister.
The next card, "Emerald Anniversary" plus the insert for the card below it, is made for my dear hubby.  Yes, we will be married 55 Years this month.  He doesn't use the computer so I know it is safe to post it for you to see (lol).  This card had wine bottles on it and I asked Carol if she could change the bottles to hearts......and voila!  She also put "On Our Emerald" at the top for me......the letters are all decoupaged and I printed out an extra copy to raise the hearts.  The hearts are all glittered and I added green gems here and there.  The inside is meant to go with this card and I just printed it to size then added a verse to it.  I am so pleased with this card and the designers are so willing to make us Crafters happy by doing special little things for us.

Well, that's it for now - hope you like the cards and by all means, pop over to the Crafts-U-Print Site and find some design sheets that you would like to buy.

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